EMCC Work Experience

  • EMCC courses provide opportunities for on-the-job work experience. Students work side-by-side with professionals in the field, gaining valuable knowledge, and using the skills learned in EMCC courses. Work experience options include:

    Job Shadowing

    Shadowing allows students to have a short-term experience in the field they are studying. Students gather career information and obtain an awareness of job requirements and duties by observing and speaking with an employer.


    Students are assigned by their teacher to observe and participate (without pay) in work activities related to their technical curriculum. The major objective is for students to acquire expanded learning through exposure to a functionally related work-site with a hands-on experience.


    Upon successful completion of an internship, students who have mastered entry-level job skills can be placed by their teacher into paid employment that is directly related to their EMCC training. The objective of a co-op is for students to practice more advanced skills in a real employment setting, while still under the guidance of the classroom instructor. Students also benefit from earning a wage while they are learning.