Regional Transit Service Information (RTS)

  • All students must wear and have visible their school ID and RTS bus pass while in the Transit Center.

    Urban-Suburban provides the following types of bus passes for student use:

    • Smartcard ID Pass: 
      This pass is for daily use by students riding the RTS bus to and from school.
    • Activity Pass:
      This pass is for students participating in afterschool activities.
    • Two Rides Pass:
      This pass is for use by students on days when RCSD is closed and students are unable to use their Smartcard ID
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How to..

  • ...find information on your child’s RTS bus route

  • ...get a pass when school begins

  • ...get a replacement RTS bus pass when the original is lost

  • ...use the RTS Smartcard ID Pass

  • ...use the RTS Activity Pass

  • ...use the RTS bus

What to do if

  • Bus Passes By Without Stopping

  • On Wrong Bus

  • RCSD Superintendent's Conference Day

  • Missed Stop

  • Passenger in Wheel Chair Boards

  • Mechanical Issues

  • Someone Requires Medical Attention

  • Bus Accident

  • Fight on Bus

  • Harassed By Other Passenger

  • "Card Not Valid"

  • Forgot Smart Card ID

  • Smart Card ID Left on Bus

  • Item Left on Bus