Health Careers

Student takes volunteer "patient's" blood pressure
  • Program Highlights:

    In this two-year NYSED Approved CTE Program, students are provided with an exploratory experience of emerging health occupations. Students study the concept of “Life Cycle” and identify factors contributing to positive personal health. The basic course integrates the NYS High School health curriculum. In the advanced year, students develop the skills to obtain entry-level employment in the health care field. This program is also designed to help students enhance their leadership, communication and management skills, and professional behavior is embedded throughout. After successful completion of the program, students will have met the clinical and classroom requirements for the NYS Nursing Assistant exam.

    Students participating in this program must meet all medical requirements for working in a health care facility (hospital and nursing home). At this time, this includes being fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Students must show proof of meeting medical requirements by the end of the first week of school in the new school year.

  • Units of Study—Basic (Year 1)

  • Units of Study—Advanced (Year 2)

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