CISCO Networking Academy

  • Program Highlights:

    One-Year NYSED Approved CTE Program

    Students learn skills in the areas of basic network cabling, network security, wireless implementation and advanced routing and design. Students work independently as they acquire the skills necessary to become CISCO certified. Students need to develop and demonstrate strong personal time-management skills and problem-solving skills.

CISCO Networking Academy student works on networking

Units of Study

  • Advanced Network Technician

    Stand alone 1 year course for those with networking background

    Networking Overview (Network+, CCENT, and CCNA certifications)

    • OSI Model and Industry Standards
    • Network Topologies
    • IP Addressing, Including Subnet Masks
    • Basic Network Design

    Routers (CCENT and CCNA certification)

    • Beginning Router Configurations
    • Routed and Routing Protocols

    Switching and VLANS (CCNA certification)

    • LAN Switching Theory and VLANS
    • Advanced LAN and LAN Switched Design

    Cyber Security (Option)

    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Linux

    Work Experience


Industry Based Exam/Certifications

    • CISCO Certified Entry Networking Technician
    • Precision Exams



  • Career Connections

    • Computer Repair Specialist
    • Help Desk Technician
    • System Analyst/Computer
    • Scientist Trainee
    • Telecommunications Technician

    College Programs

    • Computer Information Systems
    • Computer Repair Technology
    • Computer Science
    • Cyber Security
    • Networking Technology
    • Programming and Systems

Items to Consider

  • Successful students:

    • Work independently
    • Possess strong personal time management skills
    • Work online to learn content
    • Work comfortably with a variety of technology systems
    • Have good organizational skills and are able to follow computer schematics
    • Have bi-manual ability, fine finger dexterity, ability to work with multiple materials/tools at one time