New Vision Education Professions

Program Highlights

  • One-Year Program (Seniors Only—AM Session)

    This one-year program allows high school seniors to explore careers in education through a partnership with East Rochester Elementary School. Students participate in four 10-week rotations in different grade levels. They also gain the experience of working at least one day per week in a before/after school program. Students in this program meet the requirements of a Level 1-NYS Teacher Assistant, including NYS Mandated Reporter Training, DASA Training and Violence Prevention Training. This program allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of the rigor and requirements necessary to work in the field of education.

  • Units of Study

  • Employment opportunities upon completion

  • Further educational opportunities

  • Industry-based exams

  • Industry certifications

  • High School Credit

  • College—Dual Enrollment

  • Items to Consider