New Vision Education Professions

Program Highlights

  • One-Year Program (Seniors Only—AM Session)

    This one-year program allows high school seniors the opportunity to explore careers in education through a partnership with East Rochester school district. Students participate in rotations in a variety of ER classrooms, as well as in the Teens and Tots preschool. Students in the program begin the work toward completing New York State Teacher Assistant I certification requirements and gain an understanding of the rigor and requirements necessary to work in the field of education.

  • Elementary student raising her hand

Units of Study

  • Seniors Only (AM Session)

    • Introduction to the Teaching Profession
    • Issues in Child Development and Health
    • Foundations of Special Education
    • Developmentally Appropriate Practice
    • Performance and Presentation Skills for Educators
    • Technology in Education
    • Teaching Tolerance
    • Foundations of Education
    • NYS Teacher Assistant 1 Curriculum

Industry Based Exam/Certification

    • NYS Mandated Reporter
    • Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Trainings
    • Safe Schools Against Violence (SAVE)
    • Dignity For All Students (DASA)



  • Career Connections

    • Teacher (Pre-k–12)
    • School Related Professional (SLP, OT, PT, SPED, Principal, Counselor, etc.)

    College Programs

    • Early Childhood Education
    • Childhood Education
    • Adolescent Education
    • Special Education
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders

Items to Consider

  • Successful Students:

    • Complete an application and are selected for the program
    • Have a high school attendance rate in excess of 90%
    • Respect the confidentiality necessary in a school setting
    • Practice good judgment
    • Display energy and enthusiasm
    • Have the ability to communicate in a mature manner with parents and education professionals
    • Work both individually and as a team member
    • Meet health and safety requirements while working with young children
    • Want to work in a school setting
    • Plan to attend 2 or 4-year college to pursue a career in the education professions
    • Are entering their senior year in September