New Vision Education Professions

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  • Program Highlights  (Seniors Only—AM Session)

    This one-year program allows seniors to learn about and experience a wide range of professions within the field of education through our partnership with the East Rochester School District. Students will have the opportunity to work in a variety of district classrooms with East Rochester teachers and staff under the guidance of an EMCC teacher. Additionally, students will gain hands on experience with lesson planning and delivery in the onsite pre-school program. Students in this program work toward successfully completing the requirements for Level 1 NYS Teacher Assistant Certification.

  • Elementary student raising her hand

Curricular Themes

    • Introduction to teaching professions
    • Foundations and history of education
    • Presentation skills and teaching methods for teachers
    • Child development and health


Industry Based Exam/Certification

    • NYS TA Certification Level 1
    • Mandated Reporter Training



  • High School Credit

    • 3.5 CTE a.m. (max)
      Includes: 1.0 English 12

    College—Dual Enrollment



  • Career Connections

    • Teacher (Pre-k–12)
    • School Related Professional (SLP, OT, PT, SPED, Principal, Counselor, etc.)

    College Programs

    • Early Childhood Education
    • Childhood Education
    • Adolescent Education
    • Special Education
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders

Items to Consider

  • Successful Students:

    • Complete an application and are selected for the program
    • Have a high school attendance rate in excess of 90%
    • Respect the confidentiality necessary in a school setting
    • Practice good judgment
    • Display energy and enthusiasm
    • Have the ability to communicate in a mature manner with parents and education professionals
    • Work both individually and as a team member
    • Meet health and safety requirements while working with young children
    • Want to work in a school setting
    • Plan to attend 2 or 4-year college to pursue a career in the education professions
    • Are entering their senior year in September