The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

  • Classroom Instruction The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development supports our internal Monroe #1 BOCES employees with on-going professional development options. The Coordinator, along with a team of Instructional Specialists, develop, implement and review Standards Based curricula across all programs and content areas. In addition to this support, the Instructional Specialists deliver embedded professional development by coaching, modeling and mentoring teachers within our programs. The Instructional Specialists also facilitate Professional Learning Communities, study groups or workshops based on need. Outside consultants are also retained to facilitate professional development on initiatives that support our work with students.

    Working in conjunction with the Teacher Center, our internal professional development catalog on Win Cap WEB offers a variety of options beyond the mandatory trainings required each year such as DASA, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Right to Know. The Director of the Teacher Center offers new teachers a year-long course called ‘Mentoring in the 21st Century.’ The Teacher Center also hosts professional development opportunities such as study groups and book talks based on teacher interest. Our internal professional development catalog is updated weekly to meet the needs of our programs as we strive to improve instruction and meet the needs of our students.

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