• School Safety and Security

    "If you see something, say something!"


  • To provide proactive and professional protective services for Monroe #1 BOCES. Safety and security staff members work to provide for the safety of all school community members, to protect school property, and to prevent and reduce violent incidents and unsafe situations.

    Campus Security Officers are responsible for responding to reported incidents and emergencies, conducting and assisting with investigations, and documenting all violent and disruptive incidents and safety concerns. The department is committed to providing for the safety of students attending from multiple districts, and for supporting BOCES sites and programs located throughout Monroe County.

    Crisis Interveners are responsible for positively intervening in crisis situations. They use a variety of communication skills and behavior support techniques to help manage aggressive behavior and defuse students in crisis. 

    Monroe #1 BOCES also has a School Resource Officer (Monroe County Deputy Sheriff) located at the Foreman Campus during the regular school year (excluding ESY).   


  • Security Station at Red awning entrance:


    Emergencies and immediate security assistance:


    Other safety and security assistance and services:


Additional Services

    • Bullying and Cyber-bullying Training
    • Crisis Intervention and Response
    • ID/Card Access Management and Access Control
    • Emergency Planning and Preparedness Training
    • Table Top Exercise Facilitation and Drill Coordination
    • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training
    • Site Security Surveys
    • Emergency Services Liaison
    • Violent Incident Reporting and Data Analysis 
    • Surveillance and Investigations 
    • Parking Registration and Enforcement

    For any of these services, contact our office at 383-2298, or stop by the office located in Building 7 at the central campus.

    Please call Jim Colt, Director of Safety & Security, with any questions, concerns, or to request any additional information.

    Remember, for better safety and security:  "If you see something, say something!"



  • Fingerprinting services are coordinated by Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES: 352-2604