School Closing Information

  • Central Campus Programs

    If television or radio broadcasts announce “Monroe One BOCES is closed,” that means that all programs on the Central Campus (the Foreman Center), the Harris Building on Baird Road, and 11 Linden Park and 15 Linden Park, are cancelled.

    Central Campus programs include, but are not limited to:

    • Adult Education;
    • Creekside School;
    • Eastern Monroe Career Center;
    • Multi-Occupational/FOCUS programs;
    • O’Connor Academy;
    • and other classroom programs.

    Non-Central Campus Programs

    All other BOCES school age programs are closed only if the district in which that program is located is closed. The individual name of a program (e.g. Morgan, Lois E. Bird) will not be announced, so please listen/look for the name of the district in which the program is located.

    Closing During Regular School Hours

    When an emergency closing is required during regular school hours, the media shall be informed prior to the closing of the affected programs. Each student will be required to have emergency names, addresses and phone numbers on file in the event of an emergency closing.

    Personnel Expectations

    If a district to which a staff member is scheduled or assigned is open, that staff member is expected to be there.

    If a staff member determines that it is not safe to report to that assignment, (s)he must:

    1. Call the school which is open to report (s)he will not be there, and
    2. Call BOCES to report that (s)he is taking a personal day. (In this case, a personal day can be taken retroactively and the five-day advance request will be waived.)

    If you are an itinerant provider, please follow the school policies for emergency closing for each location.

    If you provide Home Based Services and the district of residence closes due to weather, please contact the parent/guardian to notify them that you will not be providing services that day.  It is best practice to make up any missed sessions.

    If you are scheduled to attend a conference you will be expected to attend the conference if it is not cancelled. If you feel that it is unsafe to travel then follow the procedure previously stated.


    Television Broadcast Information

    Television broadcast stations that are notified by Monroe One BOCES in case of a weather or other emergency are:

    • WROC-TV8 (Channel 8);
    • Spectrum News (Channel 9);
    • News10 NBC (Channel 10);
    • and 13WHAM-TV (Channel 13), including, and Fox Rochester.

    Radio Broadcast Information

    Radio broadcast stations that are notified by Monroe One BOCES in case of weather or other emergency are:

    • 92.5 FM (WBEE);
    • 94.1FM (WZNE);
    • 95.1 FM (WAIO);
    • 95.7 FM (ESPN Rochester);
    • 96.5 FM (WCMF);
    • 97.9 FM (PXY);
    • 98.9 FM (The BUZZ WBZA);
    • 100.5 FM (The Drive);
    • 101.3 FM (WARM);
    • 102.3 FM (Sunny);
    • 106.7 FM (KISS);
    • 107.3 FM (Oldies);
    • 1180 AM (WHAM 1180);
    • 1280 AM (Sports WHTK);
    • 1280 AM (WHTK).

    SchoolMessenger and ParentSquare

    Through the SchoolMessenger system, every BOCES employee should receive both phone and email messages with information describing the reason BOCES is closed. In addition, programs may utilize ParentSquare to alert families of school closings and other urgent information. Visit

    Check the Website

    In addition, emergency closing information regarding Monroe One BOCES school closings will be posted on the Monroe One website.

    Please Note:

    Monroe One BOCES will close if weather conditions warrant. Safety is the primary issue when considering when to close, not whether other districts are closing. Please be sure to check for announcements specifically listing Monroe One BOCES as closing.




    (Reviewed September 2021)