• Speech and Language

    The Speech-Language Department offers comprehensive support service to students from preschool to 21 years of age.

    This comprehensive service includes the identification, diagnosis, and ongoing evaluation and monitoring of students with speech and language disorders that interfere with communication and educational development. Habilitative and rehabilitative programs are planned, directed and provided to establish or restore communication effectiveness. Services are provided to students in small groups, individually and/or within classroom settings.

    Speech-Language staff are members of educational teams within buildings and programs. As a member of the educational team, they respond to referrals for diagnosis and service, provide information and opinions regarding the educational needs of particular students, and participate in the development of information presented to the Committees on Special Education.

Contact Us

  • Jamie Wing
    Coordinator of Clinical Therapy
    (585) 249-7243
    Fax: (585) 419-8160

    Kathleen Foster
    Assistant Coordinator of Clinical Therapy
    (585) 419-8174

    Jill Pollack
    Assistant Coordinator of Clinical Therapy at Creekside
    (585) 249-7871