Teacher Certification Office

  • The Monroe #1 BOCES Regional Certification Office works in conjunction with the New York State Education Department to provide assistance and process the online applications of candidates for New York State Certification for Teaching Assistant, Non-Teacher Coaching, and Professional, Additional, and Individual Evaluation for Teaching and Pupil Personnel. The certification specialist can advise on requirements for certification, evaluate credentials for the titles listed above, and offer expedited processing of these applications. The Monroe #1 BOCES Regional Certification Office provides assistance and acts as a resource to component school districts on the eastside of the Genesee River.

For Certification Assistance

  • Meghan Fox

    Meghan Fox

    Email: Meghan_Fox@boces.monroe.edu 
    (When emailing, please include your full name as it appears in the TEACH system and the last four digits of your SSN.)

    Phone: 585-383-2208
    Fax: 585-249-7235

    Office Hours
    Monday through Friday, 8:00 am–4:00 pm
    *Please call ahead for availability to set up an appointment.

    Attention!  Please note:
    For teachers from non-component school districts who utilize this certification service, there is a $30.00 fee.