• Welcome to Creekside!

    Creekside School is a center-based program, located at the Foreman Center that provides programming for students with multiple disabilities ages 5–21. Within the 12:1:4 self-contained setting, students develop the academic, communication, daily living and social skills that will provide the foundation for life-long success.

    Individualized Programs

    Creekside uses a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach for developing individualized programs in core subject areas as well as pro-social skills, functional communication and adaptive living skills. In addition, students benefit from community based instruction and a variety of life skills activities.

    Vocational Opportunities

    Creekside offers a continuum of vocational opportunities, including both center-based and community-based experiences. Vocational training begins with providing students the prerequisite skills as they work toward future employment. Individualized vocational programs are developed based upon each student’s skills, abilities and future goals.

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    For more information:

    Principal, Jason Rotundo
    (585) 383-2239

    For referrals from districts:

    Student Admissions Office
    (585) 383-2232

    School attendance line:

    (585) 249-7260