V.E.T.S. - Vocational Experiences for Transition Students

  • Bus outside the Fairport Baptist Home

    Location: Creekside School, Fairport Baptist Home
    Ages: 18–21
    Environment: Self-contained classroom, community integration around FBH residents/staff
    Directions: Written, visual and verbal, single to multiple step
    Class Length: 5 days a week, from 30–90 minutes (not including community travel time)

  • Description

    VETS is located at the Fairport Baptist Home and is paired with classroom instruction at Creekside School. Students board buses and visit the Fairport Baptist Home for either an AM or PM volunteer session. This local assisted living home offers many hands-on volunteer experiences for students to explore. Many tasks are offered throughout the kitchen, housekeeping area, laundry room and resident floors. Students are supervised by an on-site Associate Teacher who assigns tasks to each student daily.

  • Tasks

    • Mail Delivery
    • Cleaning Washers and Dryers
    • Emptying Recycling Bins
    • Packaging Cookie Dough
    • Delivering Paper Products
    • Cleaning the Beauty Shop
    • Cleaning Handrails
    • Laundry Soap and Bounce Delivery
    • Breaking Down Staff Salad Bar
    • Packaging Sliced Cheese
    • Folding Laundry
    • Sweeping Stairways
    • Delivering Personal Care Items
    • Supply Inventory
    • Restocking Cafeteria Supplies
  • Skills

    • Communication
    • Self-Awareness
    • Adaptability
    • Friendliness
    • Organizing
    • Time Management
    • Dependability
    • Motivation
    • Hygiene
    • Reliability
    • Teamwork
    • Social/Interpersonal
  • Classroom Targets

    • Ready for Work—Topics: hygiene, transportation, pre-work checklist, rules, attendance, attitude, dress code, sick/absence procedures, being safe.

    • Journey to Work—Topics: identifying skills, identifying work interests, steps to finding work, resumes, applications, interviewing.

    • Relationships at Work—Topics: teamwork, group discussions, respecting different opinions, following directions, getting feedback, problem solving, self-advocacy.

    • Longer Term Success at Work—Topics: finishing/prioritizing tasks, completing work on time, wants/needs, communication.