Shared Decision Making Committee

  • Purpose:

    The Creekside School Shared Decision Making Committee is designed to support the school’s role in initiating and implementing change that will improve the performance of students. School improvement shall proceed in alignment with the mission and vision of Monroe 1 BOCES and Creekside School.



    The Shared Decision Making Committee is the organizational structure for improving school productivity. The Committee will be chaired by the Building Principal and will analyze student performance, school effectiveness and set improvement goals. The committee’s work will proceed by a vote and decisions will be made when 100% of the voting body is in agreement. If the committee cannot reach 100% agreement, the decision will be made by the Committee Chairperson. In order to cast a vote, the committee member must be present when the vote is taking place.



    Committee participation will be established on a voluntary basis. It is the expectation that selected committee members make a minimum commitment to serve for one year. Participation on the committee will include the following constituencies:

    1. Teachers
    2. Administrators
    3. Support Staff
    4. Related Service Providers
    5. Paraprofessionals
    6. Other members as deemed appropriate by the committee



    The Creekside School Shared Decision Making Committee serves as a multidisciplinary team that will guide practices to create a positive school culture and a learning environment that meets the individual needs of all students.



    Through collaboration, communication and creative problem solving, the Creekside School Shared Decision Making Committee will work together with all stakeholders to create learning that will allow students to reach their fullest potential. 


    Shared Values:

    • We will do our best to be on time to all meetings.
    • We will openly and honestly communicate our thoughts and ideas with all team members.
    • We will collaborate with each other.
    • We will be flexible and understanding to individual as well as group needs.
    • We will keep accurate records of our meetings.
    • We will focus on problem solving in a nonjudgmental manner.
    • We will respect the confidentiality of all members of the committee.
    • We will remain goal oriented and have clear intentions.
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