• Reimagining the mission and vision of Monroe One Monroe One is looking for your input on the reimagined mission and vision.

Your Voice is Needed

  • A Message from District Superintendent Dan White

    We are looking for your input on our new mission and vision statements. 

    But first, begin by watching the following introductory video. It outlines the work currently underway, and the work that still needs to be done.

    The Champions Team, made up of Monroe One colleagues, has been reimagining the mission of Monroe One BOCES as we launch into our work surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    This aligns with our values of being a restorative and trauma-responsive organization. It will allow us to dig deeper into identifying and acknowledging the root cause of the challenges facing our students, staff, and overall school community.

    We are asking all of you to lend your voice to this work by reviewing the statements below and filling out the electronic form provided.

    You will see the draft version of the Mission Statement for Monroe One, followed by the Vision Statement, and the Four Pillars that work will be built upon.

    You will then find the link to an electronic form under the section titled 'Your Feedback'. We ask you to fill this out as part of our review process, which begins today and runs until June 30,2021.

  • Mission Statement To cooperatively meet the evolving needs of all learners, educators, and district partners.
  • Vision Statement As an educational organization, Monroe One actively engages in fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture that will empower every student, family, and staff to grow and thrive.
  • Four Pillars Community, Compassion, Collaboration, Commitment
  • Community
  • We envision a school community where everyone is included. We will actively engage in work around diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes identifying and addressing inequitable practices to ensure a culture where all feel safe and supported.
  • This will be done by bringing diverse voices from our community into the conversation, so those of all social identities are heard. The commitment to these values is unwavering.
  • Collaboration
  • Collaboration is the foundation of a BOCES organization. As part of a cooperative network, we operate within a well-defined structure of accountability for effectiveness and efficiency. We partner with and support school districts and students as educators for all ages and abilities
  • We will collaborate with our internal and external partners in the leveling of power and privilege so that every voice matters. We understand relationships are at the heart of growth and healing. As leaders in education, we are dedicated to working with our partners in identifying and supporting actions and policies that centers on learning for all.
  • Compassion
  • To be a fully inclusive and equitable community, it requires a mindset steeped in compassion and a willingness to connect. To generate real change, we must provide a learning and working environment where people are respected and appreciated.
  • This allows individuals of all backgrounds to share a safe space in understanding and connecting with one another. It aligns with our restorative and trauma-responsive practices which centers around the social-emotional wellness of all staff, students, their families, and the community.
  • Commitment
  • Monroe One is committed to being a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes identifying and eliminating racism, institutional bias, and inequitable practices that have an adverse impact on those of all social identities. These values are at the core of who we are as we continue to provide the opportunity for all to succeed.
  • This will be done while remaining committed to the overall mission of a BOCES; to serve our students and school partners while being fiscally responsible and meeting their individualized needs. Monroe One is committed to doing so in a transparent and efficient manner so that all school staff, students, families, and school partners are active participants in the decisions made. By continuously evolving and understanding, we will foster a school community where everyone is included.
  • Your Feedback Your feedback is appreciated. Please Click Here to fill out the electronic form.

Reimagining Process

  • Equality; Equity; Removing Barriers

    Champions Team

    The video presentation below provides a glimpse into the work leading up to these draft proposals.

Your Feedback

  • Thank you for reviewing all of the information included. Please remember to fill out this form with your feedback.