• Homeschool Monitoring

    A Branch of Regional Programs and Services

    Homeschool monitoring services provides review of each student's Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP), quarterly reports, and annual assessments, ensuring full compliance with the Comissioners regulations. An annual report is submitted to the school superintendent.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Review and monitor all homeschooling documentation required by NYSED
      • IHIP
      • Quarterly reports
      • Annual assessments
    • Visit to instructional setting on an as needed basis
    • Quarterly submission of reports to district superintendents
    • Annual submission of report to district superintendent
    • Communication with district contact, as needed

    Requirements for Homeschooling in NYS

    Although New York state law does not require teaching credentials for parents providing home instruction, the key requirements to follow include:

    1. File a notice of intent to homeschool within 14 days of beginning, and every year thereafter.
    2. Provide an Individualized Home Instruction plan to the District Superintendent.
    3. Note the subjects required to be taught at specific grade levels.
    4. Maintain attendance records.
    5. Complete 900 hours of school instruction per year in grades 1-6, and 990 hours for grades 7-12.
    6. Submit your quarterly informational reports to the District Superintendent.
    7. Submit an annual assessment with your final quarterly report, which includes a norm-referenced achievement test or written evaluation, depending on grade level.

    NYS has very specific requirements to homeschool your child in the state. The regulations listed here are a summary to help parents get started. Check out the NY Department of Education’s website for the latest information on staying compliant.

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