AHERA Annual Notification 2023-2024

  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) requires that Monroe One BOCES workers and building occupants annually receive notification of asbestos removal or abatement activities, such as a response action or inspection (EPA 40 CFR § 763 Subpart E).

    The AHERA Notification herein serves to inform all parents, legal guardians, teachers, administrators and all other employees that the six-month periodic surveillance of asbestos at all buildings, as required by AHERA, was performed in July and January. The three-year re-inspection, also required by law, was performed in July 2022 by a fully accredited Asbestos Inspector from the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Office. All asbestos-containing materials that remain are in good condition and are located in primarily inaccessible areas. Updated asbestos management plans for each school building are available for review in the Operations & Maintenance Office and through the main office of each building.

    School buildings will continue to have available a six-month periodic surveillance and a three-year re-inspection as required by AHERA. All abatement projects have been and will continue to be performed by New York State and EPA approved asbestos abatement contractors.

    Any questions regarding asbestos removal projects or any asbestos related issues should be addressed to James Hartman, LEA Designated Person, or (585) 249-7066.