Records Management

  • (formerly Microfilm)

    The Records Management service provides and maintains a valid and efficient micro-graphics service for electronic generated/paper record media. The districts' schools/offices transfer their administrative, financial and school records to be microfilmed. The records are filmed and indexed on a network computer assisted retrieval (CAR) information system linking access for print, viewing or faxing. The districts transfer records for short term storage (10 years) in the Inactive Records Center. Records are tracked through an index system for location, retrieval and space availability and legally destroyed according to the State Retention Schedule.

    • Retrieval
    • Disposition
    • Storage

Contact Us

  • The Records Management Service Center
    Monroe #1 BOCES
    41 O'Connor Road
    Fairport New York,  14450

    Phone: (585) 383-6448
    Fax: (585) 383-6400 

Services to Improve Records Management

    • Micrographic Service
    • Computer Assisted Record Retrieval (CAR System)
    • Inactive Records Center
    • Systematic Disposition of Records According to State Retention Schedule (ED-1)
    • Updating of Microfilm Service / Equipment
    • On Site Information Records Workshops
    • Standard Boxes for Transfer of Records to Records Center Supplied
    • Courier Service for Transfer and Pickup of Records and Retrievals


Benefits of Comprehensive Records Program

    • Space Savings—Records are microfilmed, shelved, or destroyed according to NYS ED-1 retention schedule.
    • Fixed File Continuity—Records are on microfilm in fixed sequence, guarding against misfiling.
    • Security/Protection—Information stored in microfilm or document form.
    • Improved Information Access—information "state of art" integrated computer assisted microfilm retrieval.
    • Cost Containment—Savings of office space/storage areas, and less need to purchase new filing equipment.
    • Records Storage—Short-term records are stored and retrieved at the Inactive Records Center.