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    What is a Good Apple Award?

    In 1988, the administration at Monroe #1 BOCES developed the ‘Good Apple’ Award program to acknowledge staff who “make a difference” in our school community, and to recognize staff members who demonstrate the qualities of the BOCES vision: innovation, collaboration and leadership.

    The program offers staff the opportunity to nominate colleagues whom they believe have gone above and beyond the nature of their job. Individual nominations are published in the staff newsletter and in Staff Zone with a short description of the nomination of the staff member and their achievement. Nominees also receive an “I Make A Difference at BOCES” pin.

January 2020 Good Apple Awards

  • Jakiem Brown (Bird/Morgan)

  • Mike Crocetta (Bird/Morgan)

  • Lisa Hebert (Health Services)

  • Nick Lind (eSTART)

  • Teresa Quibell (Creekside)

  • Wanda Marcia Rivera (Health Services)

December 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Casie Knox (Bird/Morgan)

  • Jenna Woodarek (Behavioral Health)

November 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Dale Hill (Technology Services)

  • Michele Meissner (O’Connor Academy)

October 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Kim Duffy (Transportation)

  • Sharon Fuentes (Health Services)

  • Carol Hill (Imaging Center)

  • Christy Lamberton (Health Services)

  • Transportation Staff

September 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Stephan Richardson (Collaborative Services)

  • Scott Schroeder (Collaborative Services)

  • Corey Fiacco (Technology Services)

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