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    What is a Good Apple Award?

    In 1988, the administration at Monroe #1 BOCES developed the ‘Good Apple’ Award program to acknowledge staff who “make a difference” in our school community, and to recognize staff members who demonstrate the qualities of the BOCES vision: innovation, collaboration and leadership.

    The program offers staff the opportunity to nominate colleagues whom they believe have gone above and beyond the nature of their job. Individual nominations are published in the staff newsletter and in Staff Zone with a short description of the nomination of the staff member and their achievement. Nominees also receive an “I Make A Difference at BOCES” pin.

June 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Karen Barriault (Deaf Education & Vision)

  • Jamie Bindert (Clinical Therapy), Kim Goldstone (Creekside), Mike Grant (CIPD), Karen Kirkey (Clinical Therapy) and Maryann Quirk (eSTART)

  • Jackie Cianca (District-Based East Irondequoit Middle School)

  • Beverly Montemarano (School Health Services)

  • Ashley Olin (Bird/Morgan)

  • Charity Pembroke (Clinical Therapy)

May 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Naveed Asaad (Bird/Morgan)

  • Angela Declerck, Jamie Hoffman, Sherlena Tanksley and Danielle Vicente (Bird/Morgan)

  • Joy Jordan (Bird/Morgan)

  • John Livingston and Tim Weaver (Creekside)

  • Dave McAlpin (Bird/Morgan)

  • Edna Rodriguez-Concepcion (School Health Services)

  • Sarah Wendl (Creekside)

April 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Julie Allen, Gretta Kells and Lisa Robinson (Bird/Morgan District-Based)

  • Joan Fisher (Clinical Therapy)

  • Stephen McCarthy (Transition Program)

  • Julie Sutherland (Clinical Therapy)

  • Dan Wyman (Facilities Operations and Maintenance)

March 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Rebecca Adrid and Cooper Gilbert (Clinical Therapy)

  • Tess Cooper and Amanda Lambrix (Bird/Morgan)

  • Gregory Lebens-Higgins (Student Admissions and Records)

  • Maria Morales (School Health Services)

February 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Liza Beardsley (Creekside)

  • Terri Beckenbach and Brenda Bittner (Bird/Morgan District-Based)

January 2019 Good Apple Awards

  • Leonard Hall (EMCC)

  • Laura Koster (Transportation)

  • Michael Piper (Bird/Morgan)

  • Maryann Quirk (eSTART)

  • Ashlee VanKouwenberg (Bird/Morgan)

Nominations have concluded for this school year.

  • Please consider nominating a colleague in the 2019-20 school year!