ELA-11 ~ The Road to Regents


    Challenge Yourself

    English 11 is what it's all about!

    A great year, with a focus on American literature, and lots of writing.

    You will be challenged to become a stronger communicator.

    You will be asked to get active with the works we read.

    You will be asked to cultivate your intellect--dig it up, fertilize it, and reap the harvest.


    Challenge Yourself Image retrieved from https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAw5AAAAJDU4NjU5MjRkLTk5ZTYtNGY1NS04MGE1LTMwODczZmE5MzFiOQ.jpg  

  • Overall, the entire ELA-11 year is aligned

    with your U.S. History course


    The following are some of the units we may cover during the year:

    • How did the world begin? American Indian Creation Stories 

    • Is That True? Analyzing Historical Children's Books

    • Lies My Teacher Told Me (?!*)

    • Columbus said what???? Reading Primary Documents

    • Is the Statue of Liberty Lying? Poetry and Text Analysis

    • Argh!ue (Argument)

    • Take that book off the shelf!!!! Banned Books & Censorship

    • It's a free country ~ right? What the First Amendment Really Means

    • Free Speech Censorship Let's Argue About Nothing Statue Liberty's Chains Columbus Letter to Ferdinand Lies My Teacher Told Me We Got It Wrong Whitewashing Creation Stories
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