ELA-12 This is RL

  • What do you need to know to live a real life (RL) after graduation?

Units of Study

  • Our syllabus is designed to focus on preparing to live a creative and an analytical life after graduation. 


    Units of study may include the following:


    • Philosophy: How do we know what we know?  

    • Ethics/Morality: How do we determine what is right and wrong?

    • Wisdom Stories from Around the World: How do other cultures express their values through short stories?

    • Film Studies: How we "read" visuals?    

    • Media Literacy: How do we know what to believe in a mediated world?  

    • Persuausion & Logic: How do we persuade others and how do others persuade us to accept beliefs?  

    • Political Campaigns: How do we know what is “true” during political campaigns? How does this determine our vote?     


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