How to Order Die Shapes

  • To take advantage of this free service, please:

    1. Download/save this blank I.V.E. Work Order Request to your computer
      (Please do not fill it out in your website browser)

    2. Open the blank request form from your computer and complete it

    3. Supply the paper

    To help decide what shapes to order, you may browse our catalog of die shapes.

    Paper or cardstock must accompany the request form. Please keep in mind, hard stock or card stock paper resists fading better than construction paper. To determine how much paper to provide, please refer to the following chart.

Paper Guide

Sending Your Order

  • We can accept your order and paper via Monroe #1 BOCES Inter-School Mail Service or the US mail:


    Cynthia Wyman
    Creekside School
    Monroe #1 BOCES

    US Mail:

    IVE/Cynthia Wyman
    Foreman Center, Creekside School, Room H-8
    41 O'Connor Road
    Fairport, NY 14450

  • Thank you for supporting the Introductory Vocational Experience program!


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