Teacher Center Policy Board

Policy board table
  • Our Policy Board governs financial and instructional decisions for our Teacher Center. We analyze evaluation data as a group and determine what we will support regarding professional development for the teachers, related service providers and paraeducators of our internal programs. We must maintain 51% teachers/service providers. Our Board consists of 17 members plus the Director.

  • Members:

    Valerie Beaman- Behavior Specialist/Business Rep
    Marne Brady- Instructional Specialist/BUP Rep
    Gina Carrano- Teacher, CTTS
    Melissa Curtis- Master Paraeducator/Chairperson
    Gina Ditullio- Assistant Principal- Creekside
    Danielle Conover- Coordinator of Instruction, Curriculum & PD Interim
    Dr. Cathy Hauber- ASI
    Rebecca Hicks- Associate Teacher/Parent Rep.
    Megan Ross- Occupational Therapist
    Gina Lord- Teacher, EMCC
    Larry Mancuso- HR Director
    Karen Meredith- Teacher, O’Connor Academy
    Doreen Pietrantoni- Tech. Instructional Specialist
    Ellie Schipper- Teacher, Creekside
    Jamie Schnaus- Teacher, Bird Morgan
    Dr. Susan Schultz- St. John Fisher College/Higher Ed Rep

    Jodi Coniglio- Director