Study Groups and Workshops

  • Our Impact on Teaching and Learning


    We use data...

    We utilize a Needs Assessment to identify the professional learning needs of our internal BUP and BPA instructional staff. The Assessment is analyzed by the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and PD for the highest priorities. We compare our highest priority needs to NYS and Monroe One goals and initiatives to select foci for professional learning.

    All of our study groups and workshops use multiple evaluation methods to assess the impact on educator and student learning. Study groups utilize both pre, post and overall evaluation measures, as well as student data collection. Workshops utlize participant surveys and interviews. The data collected is analyzed by the Teacher Center Director and Policy Board and used to inform decisions regarding next steps and learning opportunities.

NYS Teacher Centers
  • What We Offer


    Our study groups and workshops align to current best practices in education and special education. Common learning foci include;

    Standards Analysis

    Student Behavior/Social Emotional Learning

    Best Practices in Instruction/Pedagogy



    Instructional Technology

    Accommodations and Modifications for SWD

    Speech Therapy and Motor

    American Sign Language and Deaf Education