Monroe One BOCES COVID-19 Grading & Reporting Plan for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4

  • As a result of our extended school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that our approach to grading and reporting for the remainder of the year will need to be adjusted.  We understand that our students, families and educators are navigating unchartered territories in a very uncertain time.  There are many factors that are outside of our control and each and every one of us is being impacted differently.  Our goal in developing this plan is to ensure that it represents a fair, equitable, credible, responsive and restorative approach to grading and reporting. 

    As part of our process we have engaged our instructional staff, examined the decisions of our component school districts, reviewed best practices in grading and assessment and have considered the New York State Education Departments decision to cancel all June Regents Examinations, 3-8 Assessments, NYS Alternative Assessments, and the NYSESLAT Assessments.  Additionally, we have taken into consideration the significant impact our current situation is having on many of our students and families.  The teaching and learning process during this unprecedented school closure has been impacted by each individual student’s ability to engage in a virtual learning environment as well as their ability to access both academic and social/emotional supports.

    As a result, we have collaboratively developed the Grading and Reporting Guidelines outlined below:

Creekside and Bird-Morgan Grades K-5

    • Quarter 3 Report Cards will not be distributed.

    • Quarter 3 evidence of student learning will be combined with Quarter 4 evidence to inform the completion of an end of year report card.

    • Students will be provided a standards based score indicating their level of mastery in each standard outlined in the report card.  If a particular standard was not taught or able to be assessed due to our current set of circumstances, an N/A will be indicated.

    • The combined Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 reporting period will conclude on Thursday, June 19th.  Report Cards will be distributed the week of June 22nd. 

Bird-Morgan Grades 6-8, Eastern Monroe Career Center, eSTART and O’Connor Academy

  • 3rd Quarter Grades: 

    • Quarter 3 grades will not be calculated/reported.  An indicator of NG (No Grade) will be entered for each course a student was enrolled in during the 3rd marking period.

    • Quarter 3 evidence of student learning (assignments, assessments, etc.) will be combined with any Quarter 4 evidence collected to determine a combined grade.

    • We are committed to not allowing the school closure to negatively impact a student’s grade, and as such a student is able to make-up and/or submit any work assigned in Quarter 3 any time prior to the close of Quarter 4 grades on Thursday, June 18th.   

    4th Quarter Grades: 

    • Dual Credit Courses (MCC) must adhere to the standards established by colleges in order for students to earn dual credit. This may require the calculation of a traditional numeric grade.

    • Students will receive a combined “grade” for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 indicating a Pass or Incomplete for all courses based on their demonstration of the understanding of the essential learning outcomes for each course.

    • Quarter 4 grading will end on Thursday, June 18th.  Report cards will be finalized and distributed the week of June 22nd.

    • Staff will work with all students/families to support each individual’s unique circumstances to ensure they have access to materials and the supports needed to engage in learning to demonstrate understanding of essential standards before providing a grade of Incomplete

    Final Course Grades:

    • Dual credit courses (MCC/GCC) must adhere to the standards established by colleges in order for students to earn dual credit.  This may require the calculation of a traditional numeric grade.

    • For all other 6-12 courses, students will receive a “grade” of Pass (P) or Incomplete (I) based on the evidence submitted for full-year courses (all four quarters considered) and second semester courses (Quarters 3 and 4 considered).

    • Students who pass a course will earn credit as applicable and can proceed to future courses in the same series or in their pathway towards graduation.

    • Students who may be on target to earn an Incomplete at the 35 week mark will be contacted directly (student and parent) to review all outstanding work and to develop a plan for completion.  Students will have until June 18th to submit evidence demonstrating they have an understanding of the essential learning outcomes for the course. Once the appropriate evidence has been submitted by the required deadline, the student will earn course credit as applicable and can proceed to future courses in his/her sequence or pathway.  If the student is unable to demonstrate understanding of the essential learning outcomes for the course by the required deadline they will not be able to earn course credit or proceed to the next course in a series without retaking and successfully completing the course. 

    • Students who earn an Incomplete in a credit bearing course may need to retake the course during a summer session if offered/available or subsequent school year in order to receive credit and/or move onto the next course in a series.
  • As we have learned in the past month, we are navigating a rapidly changing landscape.  This plan represents the decisions we are able to make with the information that is currently available to us.  Please understand that as guidance changes or additional information becomes available, we may need to adjust or modify.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make the timeliest decisions possible and to deliver ongoing and up to date communications.  Our goal has been, and will continue to be, supporting students and families to ensure each student is provided every opportunity possible to succeed.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have further questions or would like additional clarification. 

Frequently Asked Questions: General Questions

  • Q: Why was the decision made to go with a Pass/Incomplete grading system for middle and high school students?

  • Q: What should I do if the work my child is being asked to complete and submit is too difficult/too easy?

  • Q: Is my child required to participate in sessions being offered on digital platforms like Zoom, Office 365 Teams?

  • Q: Once students return to school (this year or next) what supports will be offered to those students who, for a variety of reasons, were unable to engage in distance learning?

Questions Specific to High School Programs (EMCC, eStart, O’Connor Academy):

  • Q: What is being considered as examples of evidence to demonstrate learning?

  • Q: What is the criteria for a student earning a passing grade for the marking period? And, will my child earn course credit if they receive a “Pass”

  • Q: Will the P/I be converted to a numerical score?

  • Q: If a student fails a course leading to a Regents examination and enrolls in a summer school make up program in summer 2020 and subsequently earns diploma credit, is s/he eligible for an exemption to such examination?

  • Q: Who can I contact to ask questions or obtain specific information regarding my child’s status in a course, Regents Exam cancellation implications for my child for this year/graduation pathway, advanced diploma designations, etc.?