NYSUT Questions about Building Ventilations Systems for:

  • Monroe One BOCES
    Creekside School and Eastern Monroe Career Center
    Foreman Center, Bldg 1,2,3
    41 O’Connor Rd, Fairport NY 14450

HVAC FAQS: Buildings 1, 2, 3 (Creekside; EMCC)

  • Who maintains ventilation system?

  • Where are the outside air intakes?

  • How is the building zoned?

  • Does the building have an economizer?

  • Is outside air increased to the highest extent possible based on daily weather conditions, at least above the minimum recommendation of 17 CFM of outdoor air per person, or approximately 20% outdoor air?

  • Is HVAC filtration increased to the highest level possible based on the capacity of the system?

  • Are HVAC systems kept running longer hours, up to 24/7 if possible, and at least 2 hours before occupants arrive and the last person leaves the building? What is the HVAC operating schedule?

  • Are portable room air cleaners with HEPA or high-MERV filters provided in areas where there is high occupant load or areas of poor ventilation?

  • Are upper room and/or portable UVGI devices used in areas where there is high occupant load?

  • Are bypass energy recover ventilation systems that could leak potentially contaminated exhaust air back into the outdoor air supply deactivated?

  • Are temperature and humidity levels maintained within the established ASHRAE seasonal guidelines with temperatures between 68 F to 74 F in the heating season and 72 F to 80 F for the cooling season and humidity between 40% and 60%?

Last Modified on August 31, 2020