Parent FAQ - General

  • Will students be required to wear face coverings and to maintain social distancing?

  • What kind of face covering is appropriate for students, faculty and staff?

  • Can my child be exempted from having to wear a mask?

  • How will families know if there is a positive COVID-19 case in their school district?

  • What happens if a student or teacher in my child’s classroom tests positive for COVID19?

  • What happens after a school or health care provider reports a positive COVID-19 case to the Monroe County COVID-19 Hotline?

  • What happens if a child shows potential symptoms of COVID-19 while at school?

  • What will my child’s schedule look like?

  • What if I want to enroll my child in a fully remote model of instruction?

  • What will transportation look like?

Last Modified on September 22, 2020