• The following is a text alternative for the NYS DOH COVID-19 Guide for School Administrators and Schools Nurses:

    COVID-19 School and Local Health Department Coordination for Contact Tracing

    Notify the local health department (LHD):
    mmediately upon learning of a positive case;
    48 hours after symptom onset in a staff member or student if no HCP evaluation or test result has been received.

    The LHD will collaborate with the school for contact tracing and to identify contacts.

    • Provide the LHD with contact information of school personnel who will assist in the LHD’s contact investigation. Include the names and phone numbers of at least two points of contact, as appropriate, such as:
      School Principal;
      Administrative Support Person;
      Principal Designee.

      • Then move forward with preestablished communication plan in consultation with LHD (e.g., notifying the school community of confirmed case(s), as appropriate).

    • Begin to identify contacts of the case to provide to the LHD.

      • Provide the LHD with a list of people who are possible contacts of the case including:
        Contact’s full name;
        Parent(s)/Guardian(s) full name(s);
        Phone number(s);
        Home address;
        Nature of contact (e.g., persons in same classroom, bus, etc.);
        Student, teacher, or type of staff member.

        Contacts will include students/staff who had exposure to the individual suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 beginning two days before their symptom onset (or if the case was asymptomatic, two days before the date they were tested) until the case is excluded from the school and in isolation. Schools and LHDs should work together to ensure any before, after, or other daycare; transportation; extracurricular; and other non-school setting contacts are identified and notified of their exposure risk.

        • Then The LHD will determine which students/staff should be quarantined and excluded from school in addition to any other close contacts, such as social or household contacts. Contacts will be quarantined and excluded from school for 14 days from the date of last exposure to the case, advised to monitor for symptoms, and recommended to get a diagnostic COVID-19 test at least 3 days after their last date of exposure. The local health department will initiate isolation and quarantine orders.


Last Modified on October 2, 2020