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Creekside Awards: Celebrating Student Success

Six deserving students were awarded for their progress at Creekside School on June 11, 2024. The Creekside Awards recognize students in front of their peers, families, and Creekside School staff. Assistant Principal Everien Malone and District Superintendent Dan White presented the awards at the ceremony.  

Among the recipients were Tra’maine H., Brayden P., Blake B., Adam L., and Dea’sean J.  

Creekside educators proudly shared these notable accomplishments of our award-winners:  

Blake B.’s “progress has been truly inspiring, touching various aspects of his academic journey and extracurricular activities. Not only has Blake demonstrated a noticeable increase in his academic stamina and engagement in special subject areas, but he has also enthusiastically embraced opportunities such as joining a work program and spreading cheer through his participation in Cheer Club!” 

Tra’maine H. “is a kind and outgoing young man that truly cares about his friends, staff, and teachers. He is always ready to learn and demonstrates an excellent work ethic. Tra’maine also demonstrates flexibility, understanding, and compassion towards others. He appropriately uses his coping skills and works hard to have good days, every day. Tra’maine has modeled what it looks like to be safe, respectful, and responsible at Creekside.” 

Dea’sean J. “is an outstanding young man who has demonstrated so much growth this year. Dea’sean has made positive friendships in and outside of our classroom. His huge heart and consistent, caring attitude can put a smile on anyone’s face. Dea’sean now works at Preview and hopes to work at the Treasure Chest next year. He is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever he can."

Adam L. “has made remarkable growth this school year through his academics, musical talents, as well as being a role model for his classmates. He is always ready to offer support and kindness to his classmates, fostering a strong sense of community and inclusivity within our class. In addition to his academic achievements, Adam is an exceptional musician. We are all very proud of Adam’s hard work this school year!” 

Brayden P. “has come such a long way academically. Brayden is always an active participant in group activities and encourages his other classmates. Brayden is an important part of our classroom. His dedication to learning and wanting to grow shows through the progress he has made this year. Brayden has created positive relationships with not only his classmates but school wide. He continues to make Creekside smile each day.” 

Congratulations to all our Creekside Award winners!

Adam L. poses with his Creekside Award and the District Superintendent.Blake B. poses with his award and the District Superintendent.

Brayden B. Smiles with his award and the District Superintendent.Tra'maine H. poses with his award and the District Superintendent.