Ongoing Objectives

  • Communication

    • Maintain and enhance relationships, communication, and awareness of programmatic,
      budgetary, and political issues with component boards of education and other internal
      and external stakeholders

    Partnership, Service and Collaboration

    • Innovate and collaborate to evolve and enhance a system of programs and services that
      are relevant, consistent, visionary, cost effective, reflective of component needs, and
      promote diversity and equity in an ever changing educational landscape

    Curriculum and Instruction

    • Support the ongoing development of an instructional program that is aligned with the
      New York State standards and programmatically compatible with component districts

    • Support ongoing administrative and instructional professional development based upon student achievement data, staff needs, research and best practices

    Fiscal Management

    • Practice due diligence to provide for effective and efficient financial oversight of all
      programs, services and assets

    • Base budget decisions on timely, accurate and real-time revenue and expense projections

    • Enhance understanding of financial processes and decision making through ongoing training and discussion


    • Investigate and enhance all areas of technology related practice in order to provide
      relevant, efficient, and cost effective services and programs to our customers

    Long-range Planning

    • Continue to develop and maintain long-term capital and facilities utilization plans that
      incorporate ongoing infrastructural and programmatic needs