Foreman Center Menu (file)

Lunch Menu

  • 12/9/2022

    Fiestada Pizza
    Cheese Sandwich
    Variety, Fruits and Veggie

  • 12/12/2022

    Breakfast Only Today

  • 12/13/2022

    Chicken Nuggets with Rice
    Cheese Sandwich
    Garbonzo Beans
    Variety, Fruits and Veggie

  • 12/14/2022

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Chicken Caesar Wrap
    Tater Tots
    Tomato Soup
    Variety, Fruits and Veggie

  • 12/15/2022

    Chicken Pattie on Bun
    Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    Variety, Fruits and Veggie

Alternate Entrees

    • PB&J Sandwich
    • Yogurt Parfait
    • Julienne Salad


    • Students must take 3 food items, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable.

    • K–8th grade student may take up to 1 fruit & 2 vegetable plus a milk with an entree.

    • 9–12th grade student may take up to 2 fruits & 2 vegetables plus milk with an entree.

    • Students may be served only one complete lunch a day no matter what school they attend.

    Choice Selections:

    • Soup
    • Vegetables (hot or cold)
    • Fruit (whole or dish)
    • Milk Variety

2022 Meal Prices

  • Student Breakfast: $2.25
    Student Lunch: $3.30  
    Adult Lunch: $5.75
    Milk purchased separately: $0.75

    Free and reduced meals, milk information and applications will be sent to parents and caregivers.

    *Menu subject to change