Information about Teens & Tots

  • What to Expect

    Starting preschool is exciting, but it may take time to adjust. Some children may be uncomfortable in the group setting at first, some may miss their family while others will be completely fine. These are all normal reactions by preschoolers. You may notice that your child is tired or grumpy after their first few days of school, this is normal too. Once a routine is established, most children will adjust quickly. To encourage positive feelings about school, talk to them about their day, display their artwork at home and feel free to visit the classroom at any time.

    What to Wear

    • Comfortable clothing that is ok to get a little dirty and also allows them to be able to dress themselves.
    • Sneakers and socks (if they wear sandals or boots, please have sneakers and socks in their backpack).
    • Clothing appropriate for the weather (we go outside most days).

    What to Bring to School

    • A backpack to carry home projects and notes about their day.
    • A complete set of labeled clothing (including socks and underwear). Please label outerwear.
    • One large box of tissues.
    • A leak proof water bottle labeled with your child’s name.
    • A clean bath sized towel for floor activities.

    Toys From Home

    Are not allowed due to COVID restrictions.


    • Children can use the bathroom whenever needed.
    • If your child wears pull-ups, please provide at least 2 per day in their backpack.
    • Please also send in a container of wipes to keep at school.
    • Please inform us if your child is in the process of toilet training, and we will work with the plan you have in place.

    Medication & Illnesses

    • We do not administer medications at school.
    • If your child shows signs of illness such coughing, stomach ache, diarrhea, etc., please keep them home!
    • Please inform us if your child contracts an infectious/contagious condition (pink eye, strep throat, head lice, COVID etc.).
    • Please be aware that COVID testing maybe required before your child can return to school after an illness. We follow all district protocols and procedures related to COVID guidelines.


    In the event of an emergency concerning your child, you will be contacted immediately. Please keep all emergency contact information up-to-date by notifying us of any changes.

    School Closings

    Weather related closings will be announced on the following stations: TV (channels 8-WROC, 10-WHEC, 13-WHAM and YNN News TV) and radio (WBEE, WCMF, WHAM, WPXY and WRMM).

    Child Dismissal

    We will only dismiss children to the adults you’ve identified on your registration form. You must notify us in writing in the event your child is being picked up by an individual not listed as an emergency contact.  When this happens, please make sure the person picking up your child has photo identification!

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