Bird/Morgan Parent FAQ

  • How long do you have to commit to remote instruction?

  • Will nurses still be delivering medication and providing other health services?

  • With students coming from all over the region, how do we know if a child from a 'hot spot' area will be attending??

  • Will students have to get tested for COVID-19 before or during the school year?

  • What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19? Will it shut down an entire program, and for how long?

  • What are the pick-up and drop-off procedures?

  • Will transportation continue to be provided?

  • Will school hours be changing?

  • Will students continue to have 1:1 support?

  • Will counseling services be provided in a group setting or 1:1?

  • Will the school provide lunches? Are parents allowed to send in lunches for their child?

Last Modified on August 25, 2020