• When is the first day of school for students, and what if it isn't the same as our home district?

  • Why can't students attend EMCC more than two days a week for in-person instruction?

  • If a student goes to their home district on Mon/Thurs, why can’t they come to EMCC on Tues/Fri?

  • What can we expect on virtual days? How will students be getting enough lab hours?

  • Will second year cosmetology students be able to have friends and family come in for services?

  • What will programs like culinary arts and cosmetology look like when students are learning from home?

  • Will we be getting information from teachers on if we need supplies?

  • How will certification and licensing requirements be modified for programs that need hands-on training?

  • How will IEPs be fulfilled at EMCC?

  • Can students drive instead of taking the bus?

Last Modified on August 25, 2020