• Health Services

    Health services are provided to all programs under the direction of Dr. Cynthia Devore, Medical Director.

    Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) staff all of the Health Offices.

    Consultant services are provided by Psychiatrists and Behavioral Specialists.

    RNs or LPNs accompany classrooms as required for medically fragile students during Community Based Instruction or field trip activities.

Nursing Services

  • Nursing services are provided to students in all of Monroe One programs. We currently have fulltime School Nurses at the Foreman Center and the Lois E Bird/Morgan School in East Rochester.

    NYS mandated services provided include:

    • monitoring of physical exam and vaccination status;
    • completion of annual vaccination report;
    • hearing screening;
    • vision screening; 
    • and scoliosis screening.

    Daily medications, diabetic monitoring, tube feedings and treatments are provided as needed in order for students to be able to attend school.

    Our Registered Nurses also provide training for staff members in emergency response as needed for their students. This includes recognition of diabetic emergencies, seizure activity and severe allergic reactions, and what steps to follow to insure their student's safety.

    Emergency plans are completed for all students with life-threatening medical issues.

    School Nurses also provide first aid, health counseling, and various specialized procedures for medically fragile children. They deal with safety issues and environmental health, as well as developing Individual Health Care Plans as needed for students with complicated medical issues. 

    Our nurses serve as the health link for parents, school, physician, and community resources.


Parents as Medical Providers

  • The New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, division of medical licensing does not recommend and strongly discourages medical providers from treating family members. Accordingly, because the district follows a "best practice" standard of care in our health offices, please be advised that the district will not accept medical prescriptions, clearances, requests, forms, documents, certificates, or any other medical notice, etc. from a parent who is acting as their child's health care provider.

    All medical prescriptions, orders, certificates, or other required statements or forms must be written by the child's private primary care physician, or health care provider.

    A parent who is also a health care provider must complete all required parent documentation/permission normally required of a parent to supplement the treating physician or other health care provider’s information, the same as any other parent. A parent’s failure to cooperate may delay the processing of a child's information resulting in delays in a child's ability to participate in various activities.


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