• Office of Assistive Technology Services (OATS)

    The Office of Assistive Technology Services (OATS) at Monroe One provides consultation, evaluation, planning, and training in the appropriate use of assistive technology.

    OATS develops individual and organizational plans for the acquisition, use and maintenance of assistive and adaptive devices in special education. It coordinates the expertise of specialists in speech-language pathology, vision, occupational and physical therapy, and educational technology. 

    OATS can assist in the evaluation of individual student needs, develop recommendations, and train in the use of assistive technology devices and software. Such devices and software may include:

    • specialized software programs and screen magnification software;
    • reading and writing supports;
    • augmentative and alternative communication devices;
    • alternative keyboards, mice, and other input devices;
    • and much more! 

    In addition, OATS can provide guidance in the development of district assistive technology plans.

OATS: Office of Assistive Technology Services