• For Districts: OATS Services

    Some of the services we can provide include:


    Our Evaluation Process can take anywhere from 4–8 weeks once we have received the appropriate paperwork from the district and the team. We tend to follow the SETT framework by Joy Zabala. Consideration is given to the Student, Environment, Tasks, and Tools throughout this evaluation process.

    We use the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI): Student Information Guide Process Forms that can be printed and filled out for specific areas of weakness beginning with the referral section. WATI was funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction through IDEA discretionary grant number 9906-23. From 1992-2009.  It currently is a volunteer network of assistive (AT) consultants from across the state who continue the work of providing AT training and support within Wisconsin educational settings.

    A member of our team will then set up a meeting with the academic team who is involved with the student and a time to observe the student in his/her natural classroom environment.

    Following the observation, the student will meet 1:1 with the Assistive Technology Consultant to experiment with various Assistive Technology supports and for the AT consultant to gain even further information about the student.  If a longer trial of a device/AT support is required, the AT consultant will arrange for the appropriate support to be put into place, training for the student and staff, and data collection.

    Recommendations are made for AT supports/devices/methods following the trials (if required) and a report is generated that will also include recommendations for further training/consultation (if required).

    Additional Services


    ...to teachers/related services/paraprofessionals on classroom implementation.

    Training to Staff and Students...

    ...on use of hardware, software, and augmentative communication devices. Some of the software/hardware/equipment that we support are:

    Please keep in mind that technology changes almost on a daily basis.  We are continually finding new and exciting technology!  If you have a question, please feel free to ask!

    Acquisition of and/or justification...

    ...for software, hardware, AAC devices, or other Assistive Technology items. We work closely with school districts in attempting to provide the most current and appropriate Assistive Technology services and devices.

    Direct Training to students...

    ...on use/implementation of Assistive Technology items.