Please contact your school district’s transportation department to determine if transportation is available to the summer school site.  If your school district is not providing transportation, the parent and/or student is responsible for transportation to summer school.  Students should arrive no earlier than ten minutes before school begins and be picked up no later than five minutes after school ends.

    Students under age 18 will not be released to Uber, Lyft or other third party drivers.

  • Driving

    With parental permission, students may drive to Cooperative Summer School. Parents should complete the Student Permission to Drive and Automobile Liability Form and have their child bring the form to the office on the first day of school. Or, the signed form can be scanned and emailed to Annette Christensen, Program Supervisor before the first day of classes.

    For additional information on driving, please call the Regional Programs and Services office before the first day of summer school at 585.383.6635.

Parent/Student Handbook and Forms