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Summer School Registration - Virtual Training

  • For privacy purposes, we are unable to post video of the virtual training that was held at Monroe One BOCES.  If you would like access to the video recording of Summer School Registration through School Tool, kindly reach out to us and we will share the video with you. 

Summer School Updates

  • *School day:   8:00 am - 12:30 pm, no school on Fridays

    *This is a change from previous years.  Notice will be sent to all Transportation Departments to update them on school hours.


    *Student Information System: We have officially moved to School Tool for our Student Information System.  


    Contact Information: Some district emails have changed, and some personnel have changed. Please provide us with any updated information regarding who should receive cooperative summer school updates and correspondence as well as who should be removed from the list.

Registration for Cooperative Summer School 2024

    • Registration begins on Monday, June 3rd at 8:00 a.m. 
      and ends on Sunday, June 30th at midnight.

    • Please contact BOCES if you need your password reset, or if you are new to the system. 
      - Rush-Henrietta Site
      or - East Irondequoit Site  

    • Include a parent/guardian phone number and email address in each student profile 
      so we can communicate with parents, especially in case of an emergency.

    • All IEP/504 documentation must be shared with Monroe One BOCES through Frontline.

    • Interpreter/translators are available for Regents Exams - Submit request at time of registration.

    • Use the comment feature to share other important information about a student.

    • Remedial Courses are scheduled for the full summer: 7/10-8/15. 
      Students will be assigned to either Period 1: 8:00-10:10, or Period 2: 10:20-12:30. 
      Class assignments are based upon student enrollment and availability. 

    • Review Courses will be offered during Session 2: 7/30-8/15, in preparation for Regents Examinations.

    • For information, please view the summer school website.  
      Schedules will be made available to students and parents through the SchoolTool Parent Portal on July 5, 2024.

Students with IEP’s, 504’s and ELL Needs

    • All students with an IEP or 504 Plan need to be identified during the registration process.
      *** Districts must share IEPs and 504s with BOCES through Frontline by 7/1/2024.

    • Please complete a Translation Services Request Form for any student needing an interpreter/translator for a Regents Exam.
      Click here to access: Translation Services Request Form

    • Please have this information gathered prior to registering or you will be unable to complete the registration process.

Late Registration - Please complete and Email Form

Student Management

    • Please help communicate the attendance policy and Code of Conduct for summer school with students. All communication about extenuating circumstances is welcomed!

    • Vacations are not an acceptable excuse for missing class.

    • Violence, drugs, harassment and threats will result in unconditional expulsion from summer school. 

    • Consult our Parent/Student Handbook for more detailed information regarding policies and expectations for summer school.

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