Counselor Information

Registration for Cooperative Summer School 2023

    • Online registration begins on Tuesday, May 30th at 8:00 a.m. 
      and ends on Tuesday, June 27th at midnight.

    • Please contact BOCES if you need your password reset, or if you are new to the system. 
      - Fairport Site
      or - West Irondequoit Site  

    • Include a parent/guardian phone number and email address in each student profile 
      so we can communicate with parents, especially in case of an emergency.

    • All IEP/504 documentation must be shared with Monroe One BOCES through Frontline.

    • Interpreter/translators are available for Regents Exams - Submit request at time of registration.

    • Use the comment box to share other important information about a student.

    • Remedial Courses are scheduled for the full summer: 7/10-8/15. 
      Students will be assigned to either Period 1: 7:40-9:50, or Period 2: 10:00-12:10. 
      Class assignments are based upon student enrollment and availability. 

    • Review Courses will be offered during Session 2: 7/27-8/15, in preparation for Regents Examinations.

    • For information, please view the summer school website.  
      Schedules will be emailed to students and parents on July 5, 2023.


Students with IEP’s, 504’s and ELL Needs

    • All students with an IEP or 504 Plan need to be identified during the registration process.
      *** Districts must share IEPs and 504s with BOCES through Frontline by 7/2/2023.

    • Please complete a Translation Services Request Form for any student needing an interpreter/translator for a Regents Exam.
      Click here to access: Translation Services Request Form

    • Please have this information gathered prior to registering or you will be unable to complete the registration process!

Student Management

    • Please help communicate the attendance policy and Code of Conduct for summer school with students. All communication about extenuating circumstances is welcomed!

    • Vacations are not an acceptable excuse for missing class.

    • Violence, drugs, harassment and threats will result in unconditional expulsion from summer school. 

    • Consult our Parent/Student Handbook for more detailed information regarding policies and expectations for summer school.

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