Mission Statement

  • To cooperatively meet the evolving needs of all learners, educators, and district partners. 

Vision Statement

  • As an educational organization, Monroe One actively engages in fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture that will empower every student, family, and staff to grow and thrive.


    We envision a school community where every individual feels included and supported. To get there, we are building on the 4 pillars of equity specific to our school community.

Equity Pillars

Focus Areas

  • What does this look like in practice? It includes the following focus areas, where we will continue to review and restructure as needed, all while building on our existing foundation of restorative practices and trauma-responsive initiatives.

    Relevance and Responsiveness

    Using an approach to talk about identity that is both relevant and responsive to current cultural, societal, and political climate empowers students and staff.

    Culturally Responsive Practices

    Monroe One recognizes all students and staff bring unique experiences and strengths to the classroom and organization. We work to identify and incorporate culturally responsive practices in our community and our interactions with each other.

    Ongoing Adult Learning

    Monroe One is committed to continuing to evolve to the needs of our students and staff. This includes supporting employees, parents, and community members, as they learn more about equity, diversity, and inclusion.

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Pedagogy

    By reviewing every aspect of our organization through an equity lens, it guides Monroe One through our decision-making process to reduce inequities; from what a student learns to how a topic is taught and approached.


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