Our Equity Journey

  • The work to create an inclusive school community is not new here at Monroe One.

    For more than a decade, we have been actively engaging in work to create a community full of compassion, culturally responsive teaching, and trauma-responsive practices.

    The NYS Board of Regents Framework on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion builds off the foundation we have already started.

    By clicking on the roadmap on this page, you will see a snapshot of some of the work done during the past 10 years.

    The commitment to eliminating inequities for our staff and students does not end. Rather, it continues to evolve and expand. The examples you see connected to each year on this website are not all-encompassing of the incredible work our teachers, staff, and students engage in every day to create a school community where everyone grows and thrives. 

    The Champions of Equity Team

    The team who continues championing the work to reimagine Monroe One include staff members from across all of our programs, positions, and bargaining units. They bring their own unique, lived experiences and perspectives to the conversation as they meet regularly to review policies and procedures. The Champions Team continues to be instrumental in shaping the Mission, Vision, and Pillars of Equity for Monroe One.
    champions of equity team members

    Staff Engagement

    In addition to the Champions Team, all of our staff from across the organization are participating in professional learning which focuses on creating an inclusive school and work environment.

    Every staff member participated in a session that ended in reflection of current Monroe One practices. They provided feedback, identifying what we do well and what we can do better.

    The slides below share some of the common themes collected during those sessions and will provide the Champions Team with a baseline to build off of for future work.

    The employee feedback was also shared in its entirety to department heads so they could individually review practices that impact their staff, and reflect on ways to make their department even more supportive and inclusive.

    Text alternative for the above slides of Common Themes