• What games are currently available?

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    The following games will be offered during the Spring 2022 Tournament Season*:

    • 10 Minute Chess
    • Call of Duty: Cold War
    • Call of Duty: Vanguard (ages 17+)
    • CS:GO
    • Halo:Infinite
    • Hearthstone
    • Madden22
    • Minecraft: Survival
    • NBA2K21
    • NBS2K22
    • Overwatch
    • Rainbow Six: Siege (Ages 16+)
    • Rocket League
    • Valorant


    *Games are subject to change



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  • Do you allow violent games or first-person shooters?

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    Schools have the freedom to define rules for their teams and prohibit any titles they choose, such as first-person shooter games. Embracing games in a disciplined environment with educator supervision is a more effective strategy than fighting students’ natural excitement for popular video games. Coaches can help support and guide students when participating in first-person shooter games. 


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  • Can teams/clubs have more than one team per game?

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    Yes, your club can have as many teams as they want playing in a game.


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  • Can students play at home?

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    Coaches and players are not recommended to practice at home as a team, but it is no different than players participating in a pickup game of football at home unsupervised by a coach.  Practices should be at school and facilitated by a coach. However, during the current pandemic situation, teams may adapt these rules as the district sees fit.


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