Middle School

Mrs. Shaut's crew dressed as Peanuts characters
  • The Bird/Morgan Middle School program is comprised of our students in grades 6-8 who are organized into 3 separate teams.  The goal of this program is to begin the process of preparing our students for high school academically, socially, and emotionally.  Each classroom has a student to staff ratio of 6:1:1.  Students travel with their cohort of students and classroom staff to their content and special area classes.  

    Students earn points throughout their day based on being mindful, respectful, and contributing members of our school community.  These points are used to participate in our Earned Choice Time period and for quarterly field trips. 

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding our programming.

    Dave McAlpin
    Assistant Principal, 6-8
    Bird/Morgan School
    Monroe #1 BOCES
    585-586-1850 ext. 2462