• Bird/Morgan School is a special educational program of Monroe #1 BOCES that is dedicated to providing students with the engaging instruction and emotional support they need in order to realize their potential as learners and members of the community. The school team collaborates daily to cultivate instructional and therapeutic approaches that best meet the needs of our diverse students.    


  • Bird/Morgan School will welcome and provide a learning environment for children who have unique educational needs.  We will create a culture where students and staff are actively working to be mindfulrespectful, and contributing 

We believe that

    • When we are mindful in our approach, we nurture our own learning. 
    • All people deserve respect
    • We all have skills and abilities that can contribute to our community. 
    • All staff are educators. 
    • Students empowered with a strong sense of self-worth are able to take risks, meet challenges, act with confidence, and better advocate for themselves and others. 
    • Collaboration will connect the student, family, outside providers, district, faculty and staff into a team that is able to implement our vision. 
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