Tips and Tricks for the iPad Device

  • Tip #1:

    Install apps

    • Use prior iTunes account (or create one) to install apps.
    • Go to the App Store, search, find and install your new app.
    • You will need to type your password for your iTunes account when you add them to your iPad.



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  • Tip #2:

    Add purchased apps or songs

    • To add apps or songs that you have already purchased, you must go to iTunes or the App Store and touch the purchased button on the bottom.
    • Find the app or song you want to add and touch the cloud. This will transfer it to your iPad.
    • You will need to be connected wirelessly to the Internet.



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  • Tip #3:

    Delete an app

    • To delete an app from your iPad, touch and hold the icon until they all start to wiggle and have an X in the top left corner.
    • Touch the X and press DELETE on the pop up box.
    • You can delete more than one at this time.
    • When you are done, press the home button and the icons will set and stop wiggling.



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  • Tip #4:

    See list of running apps

    • To see the list of running apps on your dock, you can double click the home button or use four fingers on the screen and slide them up. Both ways will reveal the docking bar and all running apps.
    • You may have to scroll left or right to see them all.

    Close apps

    • If you want to close any of the open apps, touch and hold one of the apps until they all start to wiggle and an minus sign appears in the top left of the icon.
    • Touch the minus signs for all of the apps you want to close.
    • Press the home button to stop the wiggling and press the home button twice to hide the dock row.

    Lock rotation of the screen, play song or adjust volume

    • If you want to lock the rotation of the screen when you turn the iPad, play a song if iTunes is open or to adjust the volume, scroll to the right until a hidden dock row appears from the left. 



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  • Tip #5:

    Set a password

    To set a password, go into SETTINGS, then press GENERAL, press TURN PASSCODE ON and choose a four-digit passcode/PIN.



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  • Tip #6:

    Move an icon

    • To move an icon to another page, to the dock or to a different spot on the current page, touch and hold the icon until they all start to wiggle.
    • Then, drag the icon to the new spot. If you want to move to a different page, hold it all they way to the right or left margin and the next page will appear.

    Have icon appear on bottom dock

    • You may also want a frequently used icon to appear on the dock on the bottom of the page. Drag the icon to that dock.
    • Note: the bottom dock will hold up to 6 icons.



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  • Tip #7:

    Create a folder

    • To Create a folder, touch and hold an icon until they all wiggle.
    • Drag the icon over the top of another icon and a folder will be created automatically.
    • The iPad will name it, but you can rename it by typing a new name in the name spot.
    • Drag in the other icons that you want to be part of that folder.
    • Press the home button when you are finished.

    Rename a folder

    • To Rename a folder, touch and hold the folder icon until it wiggles, tap it to expand the folder, touch on the name line and retype a name.
    • Press the home button when done.

    Remove a folder

    • To Remove a folder, touch and hold an icon until they all wiggle.
    • Drag the icons out of the folder or press the X in the top left if you want to delete the icons.
    • The folder will disappear when all of the icons have been removed.



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  • Tip #8:

    Add an Emoji

    • Smily (or Emoji) characters can be found in SETTINGS.
    • Find the GENERAL button on the left side and the KEYBOARD on the right. This will shift to a new screen where you will touch KEYBOARDS (it will most likely have a 1 next to it).
    • You can choose many different language keyboards. The keyboard with multiple symbols, like silly faces, is the Emoji keyboard. Find and touch that.
    • When you are typing and your keyboard appears, just touch the globe and it will open your other keyboards.



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  • Tip #9:

    The iPad will copy, cut, define, magnify and paste all with a similar movement.


    • Hold your finger on a word, you will see a magnifying glass appear.
    • You can easily move the cursor to a specific spot with this feature.

    Cut or copy and paste

    • You can also select a word or phrase to cut or copy by extending the buttons to the length of the word or words you would like to select.
    • This same feature will allow you to paste the last thing that was copied.


    • To undo your last move, simply shake your iPad (note: hold onto your iPad tightly when shaking!).
    • An undo or cancel option will appear.
    • On a website or in iBooks, you will also get the option to define the word you have selected.



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  • Tip #10:

    Take a screen shot

    • To take a picture (screen shot) of what is on your iPad screen, press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button (top right) at the same time until the screen blinks.
    • The photo is saved in your Photos app.



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  • Tip #11:

    Go to the top of a page

    • If you have read an article or have read down on a web page and want to scroll to the top of the web page quickly, simply tap the title of the web page (the folder tab) and you will automatically scroll to the top.
    • This also works in mail, Notes and Photo apps.



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  • Tip #12:

    Create a web icon (with Safari)

    • To create a web icon (direct access to a web page you frequent) and you are using Safari (Internet option that comes with the iPads), touch the Action button (looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it in the upper left of the screen).
    • Press "ADD TO THE HOME SCREEN" button, name it and press "ADD". It will appear on your home screen.
    • You can move it, add it to a folder and delete it like any icon.



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  • Tip #13:

    Delete photos

    • To delete photos, you must open the Photo app.
    • Open the photo you want to delete and touch the garbage can in the upper right of the screen.
    • To verify the delete, you will need to press "DELETE PHOTO".



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  • Tip #14:

    Mute sounds; lock rotation of screen

    • You can use the small side (sliding) switch to mute alarm sounds or lock the rotation of the screen when you rotate it. To do this, go into SETTINGS, press GENERAL, press USE THE SIDE SWITCH TO: and choose to use it to be a mute button when switched or to lock the rotation of the screen.



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  • Tip #15:

    Set security option of erasing data with wrong password attempts

    • To add the security of erasing your data if someone tries ten times to unlock your passcode and gets them wrong, go into SETTINGS, press PASSCODE LOCK and then ERASE DATA.
    • If you put this in the ON position, it will erase all data from your iPad if the passcode is attempted wrong ten times.


    Be sure you have synced and/or backed up your device so that it will be on your iTunes or your computer if this happens!



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  • Tip #16:

    Adjust notifications

    • To move where your notifications appear or to eliminate the notifications, go into SETTINGS, then to NOTIFICATIONS and choose the app for which you wish to change the notifications.
    • You can choose to make it pop down off the top of the screen, pop up in the middle of the screen when the screen is locked, have sound when notified, or eliminate the notification altogether.



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  • Tip #17:

    Clear history or cookies and data

    • To clear your history or cookies and data, go into SETTINGS, then to SAFARI and press CLEAR HISTORY or CLEAR COOKIES & DATA.
    • This will eliminate saved passwords, eliminates the website history you've visited etc.
    • This is a security measure for you when using the Internet.



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  • Tip #18:

    Use device as voice dictation

    • To use the device as voice dictation in Notes, email and other places that this can be used, a button will appear on the keyboard that looks like a microphone.
    • Press that button and speak into it.
    • Watch it type what you say!



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  • Tip #19:

    Move through open apps quickly

    You can use four or five fingers on the screen to avoid using the home button so often and to move you through open apps quickly.

    • Pinch fingers together on the screen to close an app and go to the home screen.
    • Swipe them up on the screen to reveal the multitask bar. This will show all open apps. You can scroll the multitask bar to the left or right to see all open apps.
    • Swiping it to the right will reveal the far left of the bar, which will have your volume, brightness and iTunes music if that app is open.
    • Swipe your fingers on the screen left or right to move through open apps.
    • To turn this off, go into SETTINGS, then press GENERAL and MULTITASKING GESTURES to make changes.



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  • Tip#20:

    Split or move keyboard

    To make it easier to type while having to hold the device, you may want to split the keyboard or move the keyboard.

    • When keyboard opens, split the keyboard with your fingers on the screen by using your fingers to push to opposite edges of the iPad.
    • Bring it back to one keyboard by pushing the two pieces back together.
    • Or you can hold the small keyboard button down that is found on the bottom right of the digital keyboard. This will allow you to UNDOCK (shift keyboard towards top of screen and off the bottom) or SPLIT the keyboard into two pieces, so they rest on the left and right sides of your screen.



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  • Tip #21:

    Set timing to lock idle device

    • To set the length of time it takes to lock your device when it becomes idle, go into SETTINGS, then GENERAL and then AUTOLOCK.
    • Here you can choose the length of time you want it to wait before locking. You can choose 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and also never to lock.



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