Teaching & Pupil Personnel

Progression from Initial to Professional Certification

    • Initial Certification is valid for five years. Check your TEACH account for the exact expiration date of your initial certification.

    • Within the five years, you must complete certain requirements. General information is listed on the following chart. (When you are ready to apply, please email Meghan_Fox@boces.monroe.edu for specific directions/checklist.)
This table lists general requirements you must meet within the five years of Initial Certification

Time Extension/Initial Reissuance

  • If you will not have the requirements completed for professional certification by the expiration date of your initial certification, you may need to apply for a time extension or a reissuance. Prior to applying, it is suggested that you read the requirements carefully:

Maintaining Professional Certification

  • Once a Professional certification has issued, you must maintain this certification by doing 100 CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) hours every 5 years.

    • You can find your CTLE cycle dates listed in your TEACH account.

    • CTLE must be taken by an approved CTLE sponsor.

    • Keep track of all activities on this log and keep all certificates of completion. At the end of the 5 year cycle, you will have to login to your TEACH account and attest that you completed these hours and it is possible that you could be audited.

    • You can read more about the CTLE guidelines here.


Additional Areas of Certification

Individual Evaluation for Certification

    • If you have not completed an Approved Teacher Preparation program but would like to get your transcripts evaluated for a certification, there is an option to apply for certification through Individual Evaluation pathway. You can Search Certification Requirements for your specific certificate title to see if this option is available.