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Media-Enriched Cone of Learning

(Adapted from Edgar Dale's Audio Visual Methods in Teaching, 3rd ed.; 1969)

After two weeks, we tend to remember:

  • 10% of what's read:
    • read 
    • Media Resources and Services: books, big books
    • Learning Outcomes: define, describe, list, explain

  • 20% of what's heard:
    • hear 
    • Media Resources and Services: audio books, music sound effects
    • Learning Outcomes: define, describe, list, explain

  • 30% of what's seen:
    • view images 
    • Media Resources and Services: image files, realia, jackdaws
    • Learning Outcomes: apply, demonstrate, practice

  • 50% of what's seen and heard:
    • view multimedia; field trips, view exhibits and demonstrations
    • Media Resources and Services: DVD, VHS, streaming video, virtual field trips, multimedia kits
    • Learning Outcomes: apply, demonstrate, practice

  • 70% of what's said and written:
    • participate in a discussion; hands-on learning; give a talk
    • Media Resources and Services: interactive media, video conferencing
    • Learning Outcomes: analyze, design, create, evaluate

  • 90% of what's said and done:
    • create a presentation; simulate a real experience
    • Media Resources and Services: media production
    • Learning Outcomes: analyze, design, create, evaluate