Union Catalog Instructions

  • General Instructions

    • Libraries must check e-mail daily.
    • Libraries are asked to respond within 24 hours to all requests indicating whether you are filling the request or not to expedite turnaround time.
    • Loan period is 28 days.
    • No subject request will be honored. Researching should be done by requesting libraries.
    • One request = one book. If you need multiple copies, you may send multiple requests or place a request on SLS Connect.
    • One request = one school library.

    ILL Online Procedure

    Directions: ILL Online Procedure – Receiving Requests

    1. Answer and fill request promptly.
    2. Insert ILL request copy or router slip in book indicating date due.

    Request should be made in this order:

    1. Within your school district
    2. Within Monroe One BOCES
    3. Within BOCES 2, GV BOCES, WFL BOCES, Rochester City School District
    4. Public, Academic or special libraries, should be requested through Wendy Petry, 585-383-6623 at the SLS office.