• Morning Programs

    Multi-Occupational is a pre-career and technical program primarily for, but not limited to, high school students with special needs. Students can choose among several programs and are encouraged to explore two programs of study. Small Animal Care and Handling is located at Lollypop Farm. Multi-Occupational programs are offered only in the morning sessions (2 credits).

    This program operates in 80-minute blocks:

    • Session 1: 7:45–9:05 a.m.
    • Session 2: 9:20–10:40 a.m.

    Afternoon Programs

    Foundations Of Career and Universal Skills (FOCUS) programs are one year programs offering high school students entry-level, job training for post-high school competitive employment. In order to participate in a FOCUS program, it is recommended students have ability to sustain at least two hours at tasks and have a foundational skill set of the class they choose. All students are provided job skills instruction in our classes (3 credits).

    FOCUS programs are offered only in the afternoon session from 11:45 am–1:50 pm. 

    In all classes, students are assessed on basic skills, interpersonal skills, personal qualities, resources, systems, technology, thinking skills, responsibility and health and safety. Their performance is assessed based on individual growth and development within these NYS Career Development and Occupational Studies Standards.

Multi-Occupational/FOCUS Programs