Students processing firewood

Building and Grounds Maintenance

  • In this program, students will develop important skills needed for the workplace by working on various class projects. Teamwork and safety are strongly emphasized as students gain practical experience with hands-on tasks. They will have opportunities to operate and maintain specific mowing equipment like push mowers, zero-turn mowers, string trimmers, blowers, and other maintenance tools. The students will also learn how to safely use a chainsaw, log-splitter, and chipper, as well as how to process firewood for sale correctly. Throughout the winter months, they will also explore different aspects of basic carpentry, plumbing, and home improvement techniques. The FOCUS program prepares students for entry level positions within the building and grounds maintenance field.

AM Units of Study

    • Shop and tool safety
    • Grounds mowing and maintenance—on site only
    • Chainsaw safety and use, firewood processing, and sawmill basics
    • Firewood processing and saw milling
    • Basic carpentry
    • Basic plumbing
    • Small engine maintenance
    • Potential Work-based learning hours = 60

PM Units of Study

    • Shop, tool and equipment safety
    • Grounds mowing on and off site
    • Firewood processing, saw milling, and customer service
    • Log furniture construction
    • Small engine maintenance and service
    • Potential Work-based learning hours = 60 

Characteristics for Student Success

    • Students will have hands-on experiences that may result in getting a little dirty.
    • Students will be actively engaged and moving throughout the entire 1 ½ hour class period.
    • Students are required to wear closed-toe shoes, pants, and safety glasses every day to ensure their safety and protection.
    • Students will have opportunities to lift and move equipment and materials that weigh approximately 25 lbs each day.
    • Students will have the chance to work outside in various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, cold, and hot, which allows for a unique learning experience.
    • Students will work collaboratively with a team, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.
    • Students will prioritize their safety by following all safety procedures and incorporating safe work habits into their daily practices.
    • Students will use various reference materials, which will provide them with additional knowledge and support their learning.
    • Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and wear protective clothing as needed.
    • Students will have opportunities to manipulate tools, which will help them develop their practical skills.
    • Students will regularly spend time outside, regardless of the weather conditions, allowing them to learn in a dynamic environment.