Piping whipped cream into pudding cups

Food Preparation

  • This is an introductory food service program where students learn the basics of food preparation for the food service industry. Students use foundational skills as they mass produce and prepare products to provide customer service. Additionally, students are introduced to workplace skills as it relates to a kitchen environment for future employability. Students participate in basic baking, simple recipes, and setting up a food service line and dining room where they work toward providing service to customers in a small serving line/restaurant.

AM Units of Study

    • Kitchen safety and sanitation
    • Functional food safety (Home kitchen skills)
    • Simple recipe interpretation
    • Basic kitchen tools and equipment
    • Professionalism in the workplace
    • Kitchen math

PM Units of Study

    • The Food service worker; workplace skills for success
    • Sanitation regulations
    • Food safety—ServSafe Food Handler Certificate
    • Quantity cooking
    • Small and large kitchen equipment
    • Multi-step recipe interpretation and techniques
    • Light fare (soups and salads)
    • Breads
    • Entrees
    • Desserts
    • Customer sales and service

  • Students will:

    • Follow all health and safety procedures
    • Wear appropriate clothing
    • Lift 50 lbs and able to stand for long periods of time
    • Work in a fast-paced environment
    • Work individually and part of a team
    • Are able to be around a variety of food smells, textures and able to handle various foods